Boojum Obstetrics Midwifery & Gynecology is now iWomen’s Health Care

iWomen's Health Care better describes our philosophy of integrated care, providing the best of both midwifery services and traditional model of care.

Your Care Your Comfort, Our Expertise!

A Special Thanks!

Thank you to the mothers and families who invited us to capture your very beautiful personal moment through photography.

Because of your openness and trust we were able to illustrate the nature of what we at iWomenʼs Healthcare LOVE to do...helping moms and families have healthy babies.

We sincerely appreciate your confidence in our expertise to tend to your birth experience.  A special thanks also goes to our photographer Rita Eagleson.

Your Care Your Comfort, Our Expertise!

iWomen's Health Care is honored to have a very diverse and loyal clientele. Our integrated model of care allows us to sensitively handle a range of women's health concerns.

We believe in empowering your individual health choices through education and encourage questions about the many options now available to you. Applying this philosophy is what has made our medical practice successful!

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iWomen's Health Care is honored to provide a variety of in office procedures to a very diverse and loyal clientele. 

iWomen's Sharing is an integrated practice model that encourages Women to learn about their care in a social environment...

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  What is a Midwife? Midwife means “with woman.”  Midwives specialize in pregnancy care but will...

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Life Transitions

iWomen's Health Care provides services for all women from Teen/Young Adult through Pre Menopause and Menopausal women and beyond. Learn More.

Our Model

Individualized, integrated care is about your care, your comfort, and our expertise.  Offering the benefits of experienced board certified medical physicians who collaborate with the facilitative skills of midwives.  

 iWomen's Health Care offers Certified Nurse Midwives who are also licensed registered Nurses, Board Certified Medical Doctors in Obstetrics and Gynecology,  Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, and Doulas. More...


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